Can I Learn to Run?

September 23, 2018 — Leave a comment

This is a question that I gave to Google this morning.  When I was home visiting my Mom about a month ago I started a exercise routine of running & fast walking every other day.  I started because I didn’t want to gain weight when I was home from all the gingersnaps I knew I would eat.  Along with creamy fish chowder, lobster rolls and lemon pie.  I did by the way but only 3.  I started to really enjoy my outings.  Running was never my thing but I know it’s good exercise and great way to get the metabolism up.  And at over 50 that is super important.  My confession is that I haven’t learned to push myself to up my running distance.  I would like to learn to run more than 1 & 1/2 minutes at a time.  I do almost a race walk when I walk and can keep my peak heart rate up.  So isn’t that enough?  I sometimes think yes and then I also would like to really learn to run. At least to extend the running time.  So I’m going to try and use these tips from Daily Burn and see what happens.  I’ll keep you posted.

Commit Committ!

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That’s what I’m saying to myself right now when I look at this blog.  I’ve got myself doing 2 other blogs right now.  &  Each one I’m excited about.  So there has been some neglect here.  Also do I link to this from my site?  All these questions.  LOL Let’s do a trial run of linking there.  It’s who I am and who I am is who you’d be working with if you are looking to have a video or speaker reel produced by me.  Ok deal.

I saw this short piece on a Wedding Planner in the Washington Post a month ago via my wedding planning Google Alerts.  Somedays I think this could be a fun job.  I used to be a dancer and choreographer and I had a small dance company with my sister called “The George Girls.”  And I loved the excitement of getting a show up which is what a wedding is a beautiful show!  Here’s the link to the article.


I just happened upon this article in my Google searches.  It’s a great resource.  In some ways I feel sad that we even need to have such a thing.  But people are only still where they are.  Hopefully time will open hearts.


When Alyssa Baily Turner learned same-sex marriage had been legalized in all 50 states, she turned to her grandmothers and said, “Why haven’t ya’ll gotten married now that gay marriage is legal?”  Read Full Article

I know so many people are tired of the questions and discussions around brands.  But as I get more into the marketing side of my business I can see how important it is to identify what you stand for.  What is important to me?  I read an article on branding that said to list three themes that I feel my business is about.  I came up with Video Storytelling, Celebrations & Purpose.  Not sure if purpose is a theme but it’s so important to me in everything I do.  To have a purpose, a reason why you do what you do and what gets me up in the morning.

Through my google alerts I found this new book out called “Wedding Planning for the Busy Feminist”.  Sounded something I would like.  Read More Here.   And Buy Here.busy-feminist

Had to call it 2.0  since I know I did my comeback over a year ago.  LOL  I was around just not here.  Took a little time to do some deeper & different learning and so I was excited to get back to biz.  I’m going to keep this much simpler. Like I do on my other blog.  I’ll find some cool articles on weddings and other celebration ideas.  And tell some stories of the people I meet in just daily life dealings.

It’s Sunday and I’m laying low working on a video for  The Hewitt’s School Graduation lunch.  It’s been fun working with all the photos and videos of these young girls starting from kindergarten up to 8th grade.  A little bit of time traveling.  This will be such a cool gift to have for years to come.