“How did you two meet?”

August 17, 2008 — Leave a comment

“How did you two meet?”  That’s the title I really wanted to call this blog- but it was already taken.  Boohoo.  Which really is for the best because I probably don’t want to limit my stories to couples. After all you can only listen or be around couples for so many hours a week.  I love couples don’t get me wrong – I’m a part of a couple myself. But if you go to a “couple event” solo – it can get wearing.   What the heck-  even if you are a couple within a “couple event” it can wear on you.  Everyone needs variety.   Anything in concentrated amounts loses it’s flavor.  That goes for chocolate, couples, family,etc.  

That said I never tired of learning how people met.  I don’t think of myself as a romantic at all.  I just like hearing how good things can happen for good people.  I reminds me that you never know where that next subway, mouse click, airplane, friend will take you.  

If you have a story to tell me email me at – Reelinvitations (at) gmail dot com.

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