A Flower Girl is not just a Flower Girl

July 25, 2010 — Leave a comment

Now I always thought that the flower girl was just a sweet way to begin a wedding procession.  Almost like an opening act.  But she was a much more symbolic role.  Who knew?

Here’s just a few of my findings.

The first mention of the Flower Girl was back in Roman times where her role was also to help the bride and groom.   In the procession she would scatter herbs and grains as a blessing of prosperity and fertility.

In the Elizabethan Era when the attire became more important.  The Flower Girls were dressed like almost miniature brides.  As they led the procession they were the symbol of the bride – still very much a girl – now crossing over the life of a wife and mother.   The brides of that time were so young –  I don’t know if I’d call it a symbol or just stating the facts.

For a long period the only attendants to the bride were children so a bride could have a number of flower girls.  That tradition is still evident in some Royal Weddings then and still today.

photo by Bernard Rübsamen

The age range for the flower girl is 4-8 years old.  I don’t think I was ever a flower girl much to my dismay.  I lost out to my younger cousin for a wedding.   She was 3 years younger than me so I didn’t have a chance.

Do you have any Flower Girl memories to share?

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