Open Mic’ing

April 17, 2014 — Leave a comment

Open mics, Open mics, Open mics…. That’s what I’ve been up to – or so it seems to me. I’ve been going to 4 open mics a week. Which I’m very proud about since as I’ve said before I used to hate hate hate them. Some days it feels like it’s getting easier or I’m getting more comfortable and other days it’s back to the drawing board.

The last two mics I did weren’t great – they were actually pretty neurotic.  What I mean is that when I listen to my tape it sounds so similar to what I write in my journal.   I’m commenting on everything.  Writing “oh that was a nutty thought. Where did that come from?”  On stage I’m saying “I’m not sure why I just said that but don’t worry I’m fine.”

At first I was like WTF how do I stop this and then wondered maybe I can go with it somehow.  Use this random stream of consciousness in my act.  So for Thursday’s open mic at Iggys’s  that Laughing Buddha Comedy runs. I’m going to sit and write in my journal and just read the words into the mic.  Let’s see where it goes.  Maybe there is something there.  I’ll try it anyway.  That’s what open mics are for.  I’ll be pretty nervous I’m sure but I have to work my way through this self commentary and see where it might go.

This is my “push the envelope” this month.  Do you have one?

Judith performs stand-up Comedy.

That’s me performing at open mic.

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