Where Am I Today?

January 4, 2016 — Leave a comment

OK – just like a billion people now – since it’s the beginning of a New Year – I’m back writing on my blog.  I hate the idea of it being a resolution since the pressure is too much so I’ll think of it as a re-commitment to myself.  I just don’t want to let myself down again this year.   I don’t mean that to be as negative as it could be interpreted but I let myself off the hook way too much.  The effort I put into things is minimal a lot of the time.  I have gotten away with less work and still come out with OK looking results in life.  But this is it.  Life is ticking away – I don’t have the luxury of fantasizing of when I’ll do this or that anymore.  I’m on the second half of my life and as hard as that is to stomach or believe that is what it and where I am today.

My goal with getting back on this blog is to write something weekly.   Not for anyone but me.  I write in a journal almost everyday but I need to push my words out a little more.  Well the stuff that I’m OK with if someone finds this and reads it.

So let’s do this.

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