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A lot of you may know about Kid President but if you don’t – you’re going to fall in love with him.  Robby Novak is Kid President.  He is an amazing bundle of energy, love and inspiration.  Robby suffers from “brittle bone disease” so his bones break easily.  I can’t imagine living with that as a child.  But that is just what makes him all that more inspiring.  Here’s the first video I saw that introduced me to Kid President.  Pretty Awesome!

On April 24 & 25th Savor the Success  held the annual Rock the World Event at the Union Square Ballroom.  It was really a great two days and I think the best one yet!  I brought my new camera on the second day to get familiar with the bells and whistles and to play.  Some shots I took from my table in the back and others are from the moments when I remembered to jump up.  Here’s a little montage of some of the fun.  Just for fun.

So I took a weekend workshop at CUNY School of Journalism  titled CUNY J-Camp: Video Storytelling Bootcamp.   I loved it.

I want to tell not just good stories but stories that help shine a light on the person – the real person.  I know that might sound lofty but I don’t really care at this moment.  The story is important but to me the person behind the story is who I want to get to know.

Anyway – we did an video exercise around  “object of meaning”  that we each brought in.  Working in pairs we put together a 60 second clip about our partner.  Here’s mine.

What would your “object of meaning” be?

A perhaps one of those “Only In New York” Wedding Proposals.

What do you think of public proposals?

Stories Sell

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Recently found this short film that was part of an advertising campaign for Oliver Peoples Eyewear with Zooey Deschanel and Matt Costa.   I love this idea of creating a story around a product.   Would campaigns like this encourage you to buy?

Sorry for the delay in this post but the more I looked into veils the deeper into the websites I went.  The vintage photos on-line were so wonderful – it was hard to break away.

The bridal veil’s popularity has varied through time.  It disappeared after the Romans (unfortunately don’t know why) and didn’t come back (in theory) until early Anglo Saxon times where the bride and groom each wore a wreath of flowers on their heads.  In Christian ceremonies a square veil was held over the bride and groom during the ceremony.  This was called a care-cloth.

Most of the veil’s popularity or lack of was also affected by costs of materials.   The cost of the tulle, which is the material the veils were made of,  was very expensive so many of the brides of the Renaissance and Elizabethan era wore Juliet-style caps that were enhanced with lace and pearls embroidery.  Women have always been so resourceful – right??

The Juliet Cap

The 19th Century brought the invention of the broadloom.  This allowed for tulle to be produced at a more reasonable price.  And so much more accessible for the brides.  Up until that time the tulle was made on a lace machine.  Doesn’t “Lace machine” just ring $$$.

Probably the veil’s real “comeback” was with Queen Victoria who was the first modern monarch to wear a veil to her wedding.  And instead of having the veil cover her face – she let it fall down her back.  Apparently Queen Victoria did this because of her subject’s desire to see her face.   This remained the style until the 1870’s when the veil was used to cover the bride’s face.  Just another example of the celebrity’s influence on trends.

Here are some of the images I love that cover 1900 – 1980’s.

Bridal Veil for the 1900's.

Bridal Veil of 1912 Bride

Blushing bride in 1912.

Bridal veil from 1927.

Wedding couple 1930

Bride and Groom from 1930.

Bridal Veil 1946

The bridal and groom from 1946.

Jackie Kennedy

Oh so beautiful Jackie Kennedy in 1953.

Grace Kelly wedding ensemble.

We love Grace Kelly as a bride in 1956.

1965 bride and her veil

Peace and Love for bride in 1965.

Bridal Veil in 1974

This bride & groom looking happy in 1974.

Princess Diana wedding portrait

Princess Diana and her 25 ft. veil.

What time period would you have liked to have been a bride?