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When I was home for the Holidays I realized so many of my childhood dilemmas could have been solved if Dr. Oz was around.

My parents weren’t so much strict as they were cautious.  It’s hard not to carry on those cautious ways with me now as I keep trying to move through life and have different experiences.   Is there some attitude or way about your parents that you have taken on in your everyday life?

So after a lot of frustration and lack of creative ideas I realized that I need to reboot.  Working in front of a computer -editing video- day and night has led to a type of burnout.  And that usually leads to a life question of “What am I doing with my life” followed by “Where is the joy in my life?” followed by “Where is my social life?” followed by “I want more out of life.” to “I just want to be happy.”

To be happy.  When I say that,  I feel a little naive. And simple minded.  I suspect that happiness takes a lot work.   Is it too big of a desire?  Maybe I should scale it down to “I want to feel Ok with my life.” Growing up in my family – to be happy meant you were stupid. Not very ambitious.  A horrible judgement for sure I know now.  But I took great care to make sure I never felt happy.  All you have to do really, is think that life is a struggle and feel tormented by that fact.   I was my father’s daughter and my father message to us was happy people aren’t smart.

Does being happy mean I have to give up a creative life?  Of dreaming of working for myself? Can I be ambitious and happy?  Most of all what does it mean for me to be happy?   It’s different for everyone.  I guess that is why there are so many books written about finding happiness.

I’m going to take some steps.   Not towards happiness, but to identify what things could bring it.  Realistic things.  Attainable things. Nothing superficial.

1. Exploration of what makes me smile
2.Research on people that inspire me
3. Trips to museums
4. Movies – Foreign
For starters.

So this is the beginning or my reboot.  Will I come back refurbished?  Brand new?  I guess we’ll see.

Where’s the Story?

September 3, 2012 — Leave a comment

So I’m taking a class at CUNY called  Video for the Web.  We are tasked with completing a 2-3 minute profile piece at the end of the 5 week session.  At first I was like “I’m ready let’s go do it,” and then as I sat in the class I realized there is so much more that goes into telling a compelling story.   I have achieved some things by “flying by the seat of my pants” from time to time.  I guess now it’s called “acting as if.”  But I can’t fly if I want to get this right.  “Right” as in doing my absolute best.  I have tons to learn.  I know 5 weeks isn’t nearly enough time but,  I feel that this digging deeper into someone’s story and finding new ways to tell it is where I want to be.  So on that note I’m going to end this post with an excerpt from Ira Glass on Storytelling.

Robyn Hatcher

April 5, 2012 — 1 Comment

While I do video storytelling – I also do photo & video montages and edit demo reels.  This is a reel I did for Robyn Hatcher from “Speak Etc”  from all her talks and appearances.  She is the Queen of teaching  presentation skills.   I always learn something when I take on a project and this was especially important since good first impressions are, as unfortunate as it can seem,  what people remember.

What kind of a first impression do you think you make?

So I took a weekend workshop at CUNY School of Journalism  titled CUNY J-Camp: Video Storytelling Bootcamp.   I loved it.

I want to tell not just good stories but stories that help shine a light on the person – the real person.  I know that might sound lofty but I don’t really care at this moment.  The story is important but to me the person behind the story is who I want to get to know.

Anyway – we did an video exercise around  “object of meaning”  that we each brought in.  Working in pairs we put together a 60 second clip about our partner.  Here’s mine.

What would your “object of meaning” be?

Happy Holidays!!

December 21, 2011 — 1 Comment

Happy Holidays!

Any good Holiday stories you’d like to share?

Boot shopping time for me.  Next time I’ll come properly dressed.

Any similar stories to share?  I would love to hear them.  My embarrassed ego would love it too!