I have some deep need to always comment on myself out loud.  “Deep” might be too dramatic of a word but let’s say it’s an obsession that flares up from time to time.  Especially when I’m doing my stand up and I start to feel insecure.  Or when I’m going to eat another piece of cake and I need to let all the people around me know I know I’m doing it and it’s not some unconsciously eating problem.

When a joke bombs I comment because I feel the need to let the audience know – ‘I know that joke wasn’t funny –  I’m with you.”  I want them to know that I”m smart enough to know a good joke from a bad one and that I’m not delusional. But I’m still funny.   When it’s a piece of cake I think it’s similar.  Since I’m basically saying ‘I know that most people can stop with one piece of cake or none and I’m self aware enough to know that ‘I don’t need a 2nd piece of cake but I’m choosing to have one and I’m not ashamed to admit it.’

This whole thing can be boiled down to don’t bother to judge me because I have all the judgement handled.

A lot of you may know about Kid President but if you don’t – you’re going to fall in love with him.  Robby Novak is Kid President.  He is an amazing bundle of energy, love and inspiration.  Robby suffers from “brittle bone disease” so his bones break easily.  I can’t imagine living with that as a child.  But that is just what makes him all that more inspiring.  Here’s the first video I saw that introduced me to Kid President.  Pretty Awesome!

I used to love the idea of New Year Resolutions. It was a time to imagine all the good things I would be doing for myself and how awesome I would look or be by the end of the year.  I can’t think of any resolutions I actually achieved.  So that is why this year I’m working on only ONE resolution for the year which is – after each comedy open mic or show I’m going to make myself listen to my recorded set by the next day.

It’s super hard to listen to an open mic set.  The idea is to work on new material or tighten up older material.  New material brings lots of chances to bomb.  Although bombing is what you should do.  Or at the very least – not be afraid to bomb.  A lot easier said then done.  I have yet to learn to bomb gracefully.   I know I need a thicker skin – I’ve heard that all my life.  Although I like to think I have developed a tougher attitude – kind of.

Recently sent out my Video Newsletter announcement. Here is the intro.

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Self Sabotage?

October 29, 2014 — Leave a comment

Ok I realize that I set myself up for defeat when I made the promise in my last post. “I’ll post once a week.” While that isn’t or need not be that difficult – I didn’t do it.

What I know about myself is when I make a declaration like that – one intended to kick my butt – it never does.  Am I an optimistic and think that it will help me take action.  “Think” is the key word because there is no action in the word “think.”.  I’m a big thinker but a slow learner.   Self Sabotage is what the professionals would call it.   It’s easy for me to do.  Because I don’t have to change any of my behavior.

I’ve been taking a workshop series called The Manifest Method with Savor the Success.  Now into the 7th week I was already behind in choosing my “90 Day Vision.”   At first my 90 Day project was that I would complete one funny video for Instagram a week. WTF! Seriously I said that?  Now that would be a definite downward drive to defeat.  With me driving.

I have to take a different approach or why bother to take the workshop?  My 90 Day Vision is to gather all my comedy and create different sets and have them in a Google doc.  Rework whatever I can and have them ready to go.  I’m going to give room for this project to grow.  It’s always a work in progress.

P.S.  I’m still behind in the workshop but I will work through it.


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I just looked at the last time I posted and I’m deeply embarrassed.  Not that I have anyone really reading this yet but just for myself and what I would like to expect out of myself.  The feeling is similar to when you are going out to dinner with a friend and they say “you don’t have to dress up”  but yet you want to for you.  Not for anyone else.  You just want to feel good about yourself and your presentation to the world.  I guess that is how I feel about not keeping the blog up.  I’m not going to make excuses.  I actually thought I had blogged at least once during the summer.  But alas no.  So let me renew my vows with myself.  And pledge a once a week posting.  Can I hear an AMEN!


Yes Mame!

Yes Mame!

So tonight I hosted my very first Laughing Buddha Comedy open mic at the Village Lantern.  It was a lot of fun and it was a lot of work which surprised me.  I had to pay attention to other things other than myself, my drink and my constant opinions and insecurities racing through my head.

There are a number of things that go into hosting a Laughing Buddha Comedy that look easier than they are.  For starters keeping my eye on the stop watch so I can signal the comic that he or she has one minute left to wrap up their set.  Then at 4:15 I’d stand up by the door for maybe 5 seconds before I walk towards the stage.  It sucks to stop someone in the middle of their joke but blowing the light is a big No-No in comedy so really this is helping comics to learn to wrap it up with a quicker joke and not start a longer one.

This may sound silly now and hopefully even sillier a month from now.  But I found it difficult to smoothly pull out two names from the bucket and then easily introduce the comic from the previous drawing.  Not to mention pronouncing the name right.  Even when Delance Minefee the first host tonight would give me the correct pronunciation I’d forget it because I was nervous.  Of course like most people when I’m nervous I forget what I’m afraid of forgetting.

I have such respect for the comics that host the Laughing Buddha Comedy mics.  They make it look easy.

Laughing Buddha Comedy

I love this Laughing Buddha Comedy logo.