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I have some deep need to always comment on myself out loud.  “Deep” might be too dramatic of a word but let’s say it’s an obsession that flares up from time to time.  Especially when I’m doing my stand up and I start to feel insecure.  Or when I’m going to eat another piece of cake and I need to let all the people around me know I know I’m doing it and it’s not some unconsciously eating problem.

When a joke bombs I comment because I feel the need to let the audience know – ‘I know that joke wasn’t funny –  I’m with you.”  I want them to know that I”m smart enough to know a good joke from a bad one and that I’m not delusional. But I’m still funny.   When it’s a piece of cake I think it’s similar.  Since I’m basically saying ‘I know that most people can stop with one piece of cake or none and I’m self aware enough to know that ‘I don’t need a 2nd piece of cake but I’m choosing to have one and I’m not ashamed to admit it.’

This whole thing can be boiled down to don’t bother to judge me because I have all the judgement handled.