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Had to call it 2.0  since I know I did my comeback over a year ago.  LOL  I was around just not here.  Took a little time to do some deeper & different learning and so I was excited to get back to biz.  I’m going to keep this much simpler. Like I do on my other blog.  I’ll find some cool articles on weddings and other celebration ideas.  And tell some stories of the people I meet in just daily life dealings.

It’s Sunday and I’m laying low working on a video for  The Hewitt’s School Graduation lunch.  It’s been fun working with all the photos and videos of these young girls starting from kindergarten up to 8th grade.  A little bit of time traveling.  This will be such a cool gift to have for years to come.

Photos in Motion

August 10, 2009 — Leave a comment

I often create photo & video montages for rehearsal dinners, anniversaries etc.   The best part of these jobs is getting a peek into people’s lives.

I found this video on-line today.  It’s amazing.  But wait – just before I was about to post this – I saw that there was some controversy regarding who the credit for the idea should go to.  And the credit should go to  Taijin Takeuchi who created a stop motion video called  A Wolf Loves a Pork.    That video follows The Pen story video.

A Wolf Loves a Pork