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Commit Committ!

September 9, 2018 — Leave a comment

That’s what I’m saying to myself right now when I look at this blog.  I’ve got myself doing 2 other blogs right now.  &  Each one I’m excited about.  So there has been some neglect here.  Also do I link to this from my site?  All these questions.  LOL Let’s do a trial run of linking there.  It’s who I am and who I am is who you’d be working with if you are looking to have a video or speaker reel produced by me.  Ok deal.

I know so many people are tired of the questions and discussions around brands.  But as I get more into the marketing side of my business I can see how important it is to identify what you stand for.  What is important to me?  I read an article on branding that said to list three themes that I feel my business is about.  I came up with Video Storytelling, Celebrations & Purpose.  Not sure if purpose is a theme but it’s so important to me in everything I do.  To have a purpose, a reason why you do what you do and what gets me up in the morning.

When getting laid off from Martha Stewart – there are some things I don’t need to hear.

Any gems you’d like to share about your laid off experience?

Where’s the Story?

September 3, 2012 — Leave a comment

So I’m taking a class at CUNY called  Video for the Web.  We are tasked with completing a 2-3 minute profile piece at the end of the 5 week session.  At first I was like “I’m ready let’s go do it,” and then as I sat in the class I realized there is so much more that goes into telling a compelling story.   I have achieved some things by “flying by the seat of my pants” from time to time.  I guess now it’s called “acting as if.”  But I can’t fly if I want to get this right.  “Right” as in doing my absolute best.  I have tons to learn.  I know 5 weeks isn’t nearly enough time but,  I feel that this digging deeper into someone’s story and finding new ways to tell it is where I want to be.  So on that note I’m going to end this post with an excerpt from Ira Glass on Storytelling.

Forget where I found this but it was on my “watch and study” list.  It is a beautiful simple video.  Cinematographer William Hereford  captures Nathan Englander’s story.