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A lot of you may know about Kid President but if you don’t – you’re going to fall in love with him.  Robby Novak is Kid President.  He is an amazing bundle of energy, love and inspiration.  Robby suffers from “brittle bone disease” so his bones break easily.  I can’t imagine living with that as a child.  But that is just what makes him all that more inspiring.  Here’s the first video I saw that introduced me to Kid President.  Pretty Awesome!

Recently sent out my Video Newsletter announcement. Here is the intro.

Here check out more details at  To Be Reel

I forgot I had this video.  It’s from 2 months ago when it was still cold.  Well it could have been 2 weeks ago for that matter.  Spoiler Alert: It’s possible that I seem a little more neurotic than usual.  I’m blaming it on the white coat.

Any white clothing experiences to share?

I used to love to go to Chickies for a chicken souvlaki most Saturdays.  Now for me, that was a treat because I’m a boring cook and I wouldn’t even call myself a cook.  I put food together for consumption.  After I broke up with my boyfriend of 8 years, my Saturday nights took on a new look and Chickies was a part of that.

Do you have a comfort food?

The day I got laid off from Martha Stewart (promise won’t talk about it anymore) – something magical happened.

Any stories of discovery you’d like to add?


When signing any Government forms I still get a little nervous.